Jasmine Redfern has been professionally designing, making, and selling fun and functional things for the home since 1993. Born in London, England, and raised in New York City, Jasmine’s obsession of all things patterned began when she returned to the U.K. to study textile design at Art School. 

Jasmine uses a mix of new and vintage maps and fabrics, as well as her own printed textiles to make delightful lampshades. People have said she is secretly trying to cover the entire world with color and pattern, one lamp at a time! That is true. That is her mission. She makes each piece with attention and care in her quaint little studio, 80 miles from New York City, in Hudson Valley's New Paltz, New York. Her nightlights are made from beautiful leftover pieces from her larger lamps that might otherwise have been discarded. Her Lamp Revamp line is a varying collection of vintage lamp bases which she rewires and repairs and makes custom shades for. Her wooden lamp bases are milled and cut locally. 

Jasmine has been living in the Hudson Valley and operating Whimsy Home there since 2005. She absolutely loves it. 
When she is not making lamps and nightlights, she may be sewing clothes, designing interior spaces, or creating wall finishes for commercial or residential interiors.